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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Tour the Office

Sign visible from 80th Street

Side of building facing 33rd Ave

Pronk illuminated sign at night

Front entrance at corner of building

Blooming hydrangeas on side

Near front entrance

Just one of the many whimsical eye catching items in the office


Private Zen garden in back accessible only through Dr. Kaczmarek's office

Zen garden for patients and beauty


Zen Garden

An infrequent visitor by Buddy the therapy cat.  Hypoallergenic and very talkative, he acts like he owns the place.  :)

Art work celebrating animals in the wild that can almost be seen "pronking".

Hallways have textures and various materials that come together in a wave-like motion keeping the "flow" of the space

Is this a real aquarium or an ultra hi-def 4K television used with patients during such things as relaxation, exposure therapy, and psychoeducation.

Waiting room boosts a host of textures and colors Dr. Kaczmarek specifically picked for their psychological properties.


Waiting room with view of Zen garden and rich leather sofas.

Private exit to back parking lot with unique lighting, textures and colors  

Unique lighting and painting brings the eye upward and helps the patient orient to the new surrounding as early as entering the foyer

Unique visual art

Patient restroom in relaxing seaside tones

Hallway artwork.  Textures, colors and motion.

Bean Sprout ("Beanie") the emotionally supportive therapeutic dog Dr. Kaczmarek owns that visists on occassions.  Beanie is a Newfoundland that has an uncanny ability to quickly assist people in dissociative states

Night time, dimly lit waiting room after hours.  Soft buttery leather to make the wait comfy!

At the corner of the receptionist room and hallway

Experiential therapy room for rebounders and various body movement tools

Entrance in to art therapy room

Curious Beanie explores Zen garden

Beanie showing off his off leash professionally trained skills

Dr. Kaczmarek poses for article in Kenosha News

Panoramic view of experiential therapy room which overlooks the Zen garden as well