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What does prOnking look like?

PRONK : /pronk/ : verb - jump straight up; "victory pronk". Bound, jump, leap, spring - move forward by leaps and bounds; in the wild it involves jumping high into the air by lifting all four feet off the ground simultaneously. This may occur during pursuit by a predator. It might also occur during play. A leap in the air with an arched back and stiff legs, typically as a form of display when threatened.   


Welcome!  As a licensed clinical psychologist who provides comprehensive, novel, integrative care -- my goal is to help clients (individuals, organizations, colleagues) by applying interventions that work in a passionate (and compassionate) way.  

To best serve our client's needs, we provide customized in-office, on-site therapy, training, speaking, consulting, expert court witness testimony, and continuing education programs on a limited on-demand basis ONLY in our areas of expertise.  

We only accept clients on a case-by-case basis making sure there is an appropriate fit that is goal oriented and provide highly customized psychotherapy, psychoeducation, critical incident resverified by Psychology Todayponses, employee testing, expert court witness testimony, and programming specializing in:

  • Acute Stress Incident/Responses
  • Challenges facing first responders and Veterans
  • Competency court evaluations to stand trial
  • Critical Incident Responses (first responders, industrial/work or home related accidents and/or fatalities)
  • Employee Evaluations and Culture Assessment within Organizations
  • Hoarding Disorder and related issues
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • On-site programming and psycho-education to first responders, educators, corporate decision makers, employees, clinicians and other professionals
  • Treatment of Phobias, Panic, Anxiety Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from a single incident or multiple (complex/relational/developmental) situations
  • Psychological Trauma (Big-T and Little-t) & frequent co-occurring disorders
  • Stress Management

Please note we are currently not accepting new patients and do not have a waiting list.  
Kindly check back in several months if you are still interested in establishing services.